Meeting in Hungary


In the fourth month of the project, thanks to the relaxation of international regulations, we finally had the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

On the last day of September, the project partners met and spent a day and a half together in Maroslele, Hungary.

In addition to the very intensive professional work and the important discussions on the future direction of the project, we had time and energy to get to know each other and to talk informally about topics related to the project or completely different from it.

As a result of the partner meeting, we identified the most important elements along which the development will continue and together, in a workshop, we brought the content of the training package to be developed closer to us.

During the group work we first identified the 8-10 most important areas of activity that could be important in the everyday work of our target group and then discussed these to identify the four major areas of activity that we would like to focus on.

1. Implementing a program

2. Communication, social processes

3. Preparing and managing the program

4. Using different proper methods in a secure way