12 months' results


Our project has reached its halfway point and we're now recapping what happened in the first 12 months, how we started and continued working together and how far we've come.

  • As experienced project implementers, we know that initial plans are most often affected by a number of things that are difficult to plan in advance. We have also faced unexpected events, another wave of covid, organisational changes and staff capacity constraints. However, despite all these, thanks to the attitude of our partners, the regularity and efficiency of communication, the progress of our project is excellent.
  • We have made outstanding progress in training development and will soon start testing the e-learning training platform.
  • The action plan that will be developed for organisations will be an instant solutions material that will address the most typical problems and recurring difficulties in the typical operational areas of organisations. It will be developed on the principle of providing real answers to real problems. To do this, the partners themselves had to dig deep into the workings of Community programme organisations.
  • Soon we will be testing and trialling our products, and we are looking for active and enthusiastic colleagues who are committed to this. If you work as a civic organiser, programme manager, adult learning professional and are interested in the creative opportunities available to organisations and professionals, let us know!