APLICACAPROPOSTA or Braga Mobility Open, Bragamob for short, is an SME with 14-20 employees based in Braga and is an experienced company of mobility that received a significant number of participants under Leonardo da Vinci projects (last program LLP until 2013) and recently under Erasmus Plus.

The company's mission is to create and foster educational, cultural, social, recreational, and entertainment, directing multiculturalism's benefits to a growing number of people with a maximum service of excellence. Bragamob wants to develop business relationships and professional relationships with all types of businesses, schools, NGO's, governmental institutions and organizations across Europe. Bragamob also provides services tailored to the specific needs of executives and technical experts, especially those involved in the areas of this project.

With a wide network of local offices and a team of professionals, the company has partnered with several entities in the city of Braga, operating in various professional fields, corresponding to the requests by entities participating/partners of Braga mob in the scope of Erasmus+ programs. The team of local people is invaluable, creating and adapting special programs, always meeting the needs of both parties. Containing a vast network of internal and external contacts has the advantage of easy communication and efficient operation.